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You are specialists in your field of industry, you own inventories for your customers or for your company, you certainly have other priorities than managing labels that peel off because they are not designed to withstand the environment in which they are used.

Your Profecta partner can certainly help you to see this.

Your warehouse labels have a tendency to peel off and fall off, resulting in misidentification and wasting valuable time and money.

Storage methods differ enormously from place to place, some warehouses are temperate, others are only slightly heated or not heated at all.  There are some warehouses that contain frozen products. With this in mind, it is important to choose the right product for the application that needs to be done.

There are 3 elements to consider,

1) How is the warehouse environment? (cold, frozen, wet, dry, warm)

2) On what surface will the label be applied? (painted metal, wood, plastic)

3) What are the conditions of application? (humidity, freezing, heat)

Afterwards, our specialists will be able to establish the best material to use according to your conditions and your particular surface.

We will select the face paper according to the warehouse environment and the choice of adhesive will be made according to the application surface and external conditions.

Durability is important, which is why we also offer the possibility of laminating your labels with a lamination of up to 2 thousandths to avoid scratches, facilitate cleaning or counter fading over time.

You can also choose a particular backing such as retro-reflective material, which has exceptional durability and the ability to reflect light, providing better visibility in darker areas and the ability to use remote scanners for products that are stored high up.

Profecta offers the ability to print your static or sequential numbers on your labels. Warehouse labels help, among other things, to efficiently track and identify products for storage, picking and inventory management. They generally include a one- or two-dimensional barcode as well as legible letters and numbers. Colour coding is another common feature to help workers quickly identify their various products in the warehouse.

These labels can also serve as a warning and also inform employees of possible hazards that may occur when handling warehouse packages and equipment.

Make your warehouse or distribution center even more efficient with our warehouse labels.

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