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You work hard to make your products stand out from your competitors: Use an extended label (ETEX) to grab the attention of consumers.

In-store, you don’t have unlimited space to display your products. So create an extra effect by adding an extended label (ETEX) to promote your products.  Containing bright colours with short texts and a call to actions, they will boost your sales.

ETEX are basically designed to be placed on shelves in retail stores. You can also use them in many other places such as cash registers and displays. They are an effective way of attracting attention and communicating with customers in the store because they are very visible in the aisles of departments. Also known as the silent salesperson, ETEX is used to inform customers, whether it’s by helping them locate items so they are easier to find or by highlighting a special sale, new product or new features. ETEX helps buyers make more informed decisions as consumers.

Very versatile, you can use these labels to: announce new scents, celebrate a received award, advertise key words, promote product benefits and much more.

For example, are customers looking for products not tested on animals or made from natural products? ETEXs highlight specific features to help consumers find items more quickly.

Our extension labels are all custom made. We have the ability to create any shape or size, such as rectangle, oval, square and even irregular shapes. So they can be customized according to your needs. They contain a self-adhesive part that is applied where you want it. The glue can be permanent for a better durability or removable to be moved at the appropriate time.

Be visible, be chosen!