Esko - Workflow Automation

Profecta’s Prepress professionals need to turn designs into print-ready files as quickly as possible. Our Esko Artwork’s Automation Engine sets a new standard for prepress workflow.The process of a job usually starts with MIS. Instructions need to reach production without anyone re-keying in any data. What production is doing then needs to feed back to MIS: what is the status of the job process, what are the real characteristics of the print product? Complete integration allows for instant information, instant feedback, less paperwork, less waiting, less confusion.

Esko Features

  • Rock-solid quality control; check separations, trim and media sizes, even compares differences between design files and production files, or easily verifies if all corrections have been applied.
  • Interfaced with our Traxx MIS system, the job information can take advantage of all the data that is already there, avoiding double entries.
  • Uses database driven job management
  • Accepts a wide range of desktop publishing formats
  • Automates preflight, trapping, reporting and step & repeats.
  • Runs on Mac and PC
  • Automated decisions and routing in the workflow, selection of the appropriate workflow path without operator intervention.

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