New at Profecta this autumn: following a sustained demand from our customers, Profecta has acquired new equipment. These allow us to offer a new range of products with increased durability, including current flexo and digital did not allow.

                The first piece of equipment is an industrial inkjet printer. This is distinguished by the durability of its inks. These inks can withstand harsh external conditions such as UV rays, large temperature differences as well as changing conditions of our northern climate. With a good combination of materials, we are able to make vinyl decals that have an estimated life of more than two, three or even five years.

                The second equipment is used to add clear polyurethane (doming) resin over a preprinted decal and cut to give it a relief effect. With this combination of industrial ink and resin, these decals polyester or vinyl will also last for many years outdoors.

                The third equipment is used for cutting the various materials listed above. Cutting is robotic and in fact digitally, without the need for a matrix that is sometimes expensive or that sometimes increases substantially production times. This equipment is also perfect for any kind of prototyping or development of new products at a lower cost.

                Finally, we also offer the possibility of meeting your needs in the signage field with the addition of an engraving table that allows us to engrave on acrylic, lamicoide or other industrial product for any need of identification both inside and out, with excellent durability.

Do not hesitate to contact your representative or our submission department for all your requests or questions about these new products.

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