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Is white a colour?  Mystery. There are several theories on the subject. At Profecta, white is definitely a colour. It is even a strategic colour that allows us to play with print opacity to highlight, hide, shade and exploit the maximum of a design.

White can be generated in a variety of ways. Do we want it translucent, semi-translucent, semi-opaque or completely opaque? Will the white cover 100% of your label or will you use it more lightly? What emotion are you trying to create in customers with your design?

If you use silver material, you could create silver, bronze or gold sections with a white gradient. You use holographic material to further differentiate yourself, the same variables could be used. There are many options.

Your packaging is transparent and you want to highlight the product inside the container? The clear label is your best tool.  You can again use the white to cover your label at 75% and make an open window on your product. On the other hand, you want to put only 25% white coverage so that 75% of your product is visible, it is also possible.

If you want to give a magnificent effect through the bottle to capture the attention of your customers, it is now possible to print your colours upside down, then print white on top and reprint your colours over it. This gives a 360 degree effect when applied to a transparent bottle, as we can see your images through the container.

White in the creation of your labels is a strategic tool that will capture the attention of customers. Its use can be adapted according to your needs. Indeed, it can be both functional and aesthetic. Our team can give you advice and support throughout the process.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to request samples!