The pharmaceutical and nutraceutical labelling industry faces a very significant challenge, both in terms of legislative requirements and the wide range of application opportunities and solutions required.

Users’ requirements are very strict in terms of print quality, reproducibility, colour consistency and control. For 25 years, Étiquettes Profecta has been meeting the requirements of these markets. Our specialized equipment, ISO 9001 procedures and inspection equipment are in place to meet these standards. In addition, our qualified personnel have received the necessary training to be able to apply the rules of the GMP guide.


  • Standard labels for printed packaging from 1 to 10 colours
  • Flexographic or Digital Printing
  • Multi-layer “Peel & Reseal” labels to provide maximum space for information
  • Multi-panel Booklet Labels
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Numbering + 100% inspection

AVT PrintVision Helios

AVT PrintVision Helios performs an automatic inspection to ensure 100% quality. Our Helios inspect several errors that may occur in fonts, cutting registers or matrix scrap.  The Helios system, with its online optical reader technology, uses a high-resolution camera in addition to an illumination technique to ensure the quality of inspection of all types of substrates, including transparent and reflective materials as well as label formats and shapes.


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