You find that you need to add more and more information to your labels? You may also be experiencing a problem of limited space on your packaging, which means you can’t add additional information? Do you want to add additional information about the use of your product, different recipes or regulatory information? You are not alone.  The majority of companies are faced with a substantial increase in the amount of information to be added to their products, while remaining inspiring and interesting to the customer’s eyes.

Frequently, you need to add multi-language translations or more regulatory or nutritional information. Whether you are a food, pharmaceutical or industrial company, it is often the same dilemma.

Profecta has developed a product to help you overcome this type of situation. It is a multi-panel label that allows you to add as much information as you want on a single label without changing the format.

This label consists of a self-adhesive base with several panels printed on both sides and folded on top. The panels reveal themselves when we peel off the side of the first panel. You can choose the number of panels you need. We can manufacture from 2 to 9 panels, so between 4 and 18 pages.

The multi-panel label printing can be produced in pantone colors, it is also available in 4 process colors, allowing you to add photos and images.

The base of the label is self-adhesive. The material used for your projects can be transparent, white, and even silver, depending on your needs. It is also possible to choose the adhesive according to your use. For example, we can use an adhesive for the freezer or for an industrial environment.

Ask our team for samples now or call us for more product information.

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