Ahuntsic College recently received a subvention for the creation of a Research Chair in Functional Printmaking. We are among the partners with whom Ahuntsic College will work to develop its new research projects.

In their recent press release, Ahuntsic College mentions, "Print energy, telecom devices, smart and flexible sensors to add data exchange, traceability and security features to prints and packaging: The Team at the Institute of Graphic Communications and Printability (ICI) of College Ahuntsic is already actively working with companies interested in incorporating such advanced technologies that will, for example, allow consumers to verify the source of the food they buy and that they consume, to make sure that they have been well preserved throughout their transport and to learn more about the profile of their producer or breeder. "

We are proud to be part of such a project because it is important for us to innovate, develop the industry and encourage the development of college research. This kind of project can, in a few years, change the way packaging is designed by adding a functional aspect, which will also impact all consumers and many businesses.

We thank all the partners of this project as well as Collège Ahuntsic for this team work and these great opportunities.

To learn more, here is the link of the official press release : https://www.collegeahuntsic.qc.ca/notre-college/nouvelles/le-college-ahuntsic-recoit-une-subvention-de-17-million-de-dollars-du-crsng-pour-la-creation-dune-chaire-de-recherche-en-fabrication-dimprimes-fonctionnels