Here we are now in 2020. The new decade is coming and you have an irresistible desire to stand out from the crowd, to accomplish new challenges that will carry you for the next 10 years.

There is a panoply of good products on store shelves and online that, because of their similarity and the difficulty in differentiating one from another, are restricted to remain generic products. They will often go unnoticed or they will never achieve the success they deserve.

Do your products have to be like the others? Absolutely not! Be different, innovative, cutting-edge. You have the opportunity to do things differently and create a "wow" effect that will help you raise your products, gain visibility and increase your sales and profits.

The shapes of your labels are regularly rectangles with rounded or square corners, in the shape of a circle and even ovals. However, there are a multitude of options. Think outside the box, dare to be different. Give punch to your visual and opt for a personalized label shape.

For example, if you're in the pet food business, why not incorporate a dog or cat paw into your cut-out? Once integrated into your visual, the effect will be striking. If you're a winemaker, why not incorporate a bunch of grapes into the shape of your label? By combining a new shape with your visual, you will create a unique label. A label in the shape of a slice of bread, a bus or a piece of pie? There are almost no limits.

You could also use existing matrices. Profecta has a wide range of possibilities. Above 6000 dies can be used for digital and flexographic printing. From matrices with regular shapes, but also more special shapes, such as banners, birthday ribbons or seals.

Ask our team to find out if we have the label shape you are looking for.