By adding the skills of our team and the printing equipment Profecta has acquired, the variable impression reinvents itself. Be the first to move into the era of variable image printing on your products and stand out from the competition.

Far behind us the era where the variable impression of the bar code was a mix. With the growth of electronic commerce and product customization, continuously variable image printing has become a must.

We can now create sequences of images, random photos on demand, according to your needs. This allows you to apply variable labels on a single production line, in one step. You want to put forward a production of your products containing, for example, the pictures of your entire team or to promote the holidays with different images that follow each other on the same production, we can do it.

Why not add a Santa, a reindeer or a snowman on your holiday products or a cupid and hearts for Valentine's Day. Each event has its particularities. You can lean them to your advantage and turn heads.

Not to mention that these prints can be produced on a multitude of print media. From white paper to transparent film, through metallized film to create a gold, silver or even bronze effect. Adding white to add opacity on some parts of your labels is also possible.

You can go even further and add the same variable image on a promotional base wrap, on exchangeable coupons or even on your flexible packaging. Creation has no limit.

Contact us now for more information about these products. Models and samples are also available.

Change the paradigm and be the first to distinguish yourself in your points of sale.