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Last October, Aliments du Québec unveiled its new logos. In partnership with the Quebec advertising agency LG2, they designed these new visuals that will allow even better recognition of foods with a guarantee of Quebec origin. They are now more refined and more easily identifiable on the various packaging. The predominant yellow will be the new flagship color of Aliments du Québec.

In a context of globalization, we have unfortunately seen many companies in several fields move their activities abroad. The trend continues, but on the other hand, the principle of buying local in Quebec seems to find its place. The craze is definitely there, and has been since 1996.

Did you know that there are already more than 22,000 certified products in Quebec and 1,200 companies that adhere to the brand. Whether for bakery, dairy products, beverages, prepared meals, confectionery, meats or even pet food. It’s definitely a great way to promote Quebec’s agri-food industry.

The desire to change both the logos and the platform is part of the Quebec Biofood Policy 2018-2025, which aims to showcase Quebec products in an ultra-competitive and ever-changing market.

Marie Beaudry, Executive Director of Aliments du Québec, told La Presse: “We know that every time a company puts the logo on, it increases sales. It’s a marketing tool that works, because people want to buy local.

Ingrid Peignier of the Centre interuniversitaire de recherche en analyse des organisations (CIRANO) mentioned in an article in the Journal de Montréal that consumers trust the Aliments du Québec certification and are even willing to pay more for local products.

She also mentioned that “In a context where the food chain is global, with all we hear about fraud problems or the presence of ingredients we don’t know about, the fact that it is done in Quebec in terms of safety and quality makes them feel secure.

According to a market study conducted by Aliments du Québec, 67% of Quebecers take the certification logos into consideration when shopping at the grocery store.

Aliments du Québec’s qualification process is serious and meticulous, and is based on the CFIA’s federal and provincial fisheries and food laws, as well as those of the Ministry of Agriculture, in order to meet the highest standards.

To receive the logo, a product must be completely Quebecois or be made of at least 85% ingredients of Quebec origin. It is important to note that all processing and packaging steps must be carried out in Quebec.

Ask for certification and Étiquettes Profecta will be proud to juxtapose the new official logo on the printing of your products.