Today’s businesses are becoming more aware of security issues and increasing legislation around the world, and the label market is no exception. Counterfeiting reduces the integrity and trust of a product. This can impact a brand’s revenue and negatively affect consumer perception, further eroding its value.

That’s why Profecta offers a full range of products to help counter this phenomenon. For an application on various electronic devices or to secure pharmaceutical containers, precious objects or even medicines. They are also suitable for aviation or all types of vehicles. They are durable and resistant. They facilitate the identification, transportation, manufacture or secure use of a device.

We offer a wide range of suitable materials and adhesives for application to a variety of products. The materials are available in both white and metallic and you have the option to choose the finish of your product glossy or matte.

These labels can be used in the most hostile environments and can be subjected to high temperatures. They meet REACH, RoHS and IMDS standards and automotive specified test parameters.

All types of security labels are customizable in their size, text printing and numbers can appear statically or sequentially. They may even contain random information or photos as you see fit. Code bars and QR codes can be added.

Whether you choose generic or customized solutions, our technology will protect the short and long-term value of your brand. Our technical specialists are available to develop with you sustainable solutions to make your next application a success.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information.

– The Profecta Team

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