The label is often the last element considered in the development of a product. Companies will often rely on advertising, the bottle or the box, but the label is often the most forgotten part of the packaging process. And yet….

Label manufacturing is a process with infinite possibilities.  

Your label represents you and it represents your products. It is she who, 24 hours a day, is the link between the customer who sees the products on the store shelves and your company. It is the one that the customer will see and consult every time they look for a product. Take advantage of it! 

The enhancement of labels often involves the addition of hot stamping. This concept involves the partial adhesion of a metallized tape to your label. The results are amazing.

The product offer is wide, from simple silver metallic, to holographic finish, to special colours such as blue or red.  It is also possible to print your text over certain stamps. The contrast effect of a matte label with a glossy hot stamping is often a very popular option, as it enhances the hot stamping even more.

You can choose a label base made of glossy, matte or even textured paper. The choice of a synthetic material for better water resistance or even a transparent film will allow you to stand out from the competition.

If you are one of those who like to think outside the box, it is also possible to apply 2 different hot stamps colours on the same label. The combined effect could be striking.

In some cases, the addition of embossing or debossing to accompany your hot stamping will give your label even more “punch” by creating a relief effect where you want it.

A customer who hesitates in front of a store’s shelves will base his choice mainly on the visual of a product, because that is the first thing he will observe. Most of the time, his choice will be the product with the most inspiring label or the one that stands out the most in his eyes. It is therefore a good idea to add more value to your design with hot stamping to increase customer attention.

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